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Super socks. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Due to follow the requirement of the course Technology Entrepreneurship (ENT 600). I required to analyze the company to make the New Product Development (NPD). This is an opportunity for me to discover on how to implement the theories that we learned in ENT600 class and practicing it in real life situation. Super Socks is the one of the product that have their own the specialty like come with anti – slippery and can massage the legs to help the blood flows in our body. This super socks can use when we sleep and also and also in our leisure time. In the next phase of the report, the definition, classification, and process of new product development were also mentioned in this report. They are two classifications of the new product which are improvements and revisions to existing products, and repositioning of the products. On top of that, the process of new product development can be classified into five processes which are research and development, product design features, concept testing, build prototype and lastly test marketing. Idea screening and idea generation discussed in research and development part. In addition, the market survey can be divided into three types which are questionnaires in Google Form, survey through the phone and also using social media. Lastly, in the test marketing, a few techniques were used to make this product accepted to the community such as customers’ experience, started with small-scale and promotions. As the conclusion, the feedback from the audience was very helpful to fulfil requirement of consumer and flow the trending time. Next, the main part for Super Socks is to create a good product that would be beneficial towards the community. A product must cater the needs of the targeted group in order to help them. It is just a small gesture but will lead to a positive outcome. A product must cater the needs of the targeted group in order to help them. It is just a small gesture but will lead to a positive outcome. Furthermore, the objective of this report is to be an added value towards the customer. Customers or user are important figure towards a company yet there are several parts of the product that will be the added value. The first one is the product is created to fulfil the customers perspective in which user will observe and judge the product. For instance, if it is useful then they will increase their trustworthiness. Added value also important to improve their satisfaction.

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