Creative Safety Sdn Bhd: fire extinguishing round

Creative Safety Sdn Bhd: fire extinguishing round. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Fire hazard had caused a lot of damage in the past, and due to the unpredictable nature of fire accidents, it would likely still cause damages in the future. The conventional fire extinguisher had been around for many years and is a great tool to help deal with starting fires and small fires to prevent it from growing larger. However, the design of a conventional fire extinguisher is not ergonomic, removing ease of control of the device. It is also heavy which might make some users struggle to use it. The large quantity of powder in the device also leads to a higher amount of waste as a fire is unlikely to occur a lot during the lifespan of the fire extinguishing powder. To overcome the problems mentioned, a new product called the Fire Extinguishing Rounds for a flare gun is introduced. The product is lightweight, portable, ergonomic, and easy to use. The product may be kept anywhere to give a better accessibility to the device whenever needed. The product uses the mechanics of a flare gun and its round to launch a projectile that would disperse fire extinguishing powder onto an area. The simple mechanics of a flare gun would ensure the product’s reliability upon usage, as it does not get jammed upon firing, which proves to be vital in a firefighting situation. The fire extinguishing rounds shares similar mechanics to a regular flare rounds, but the projectile is design to put out flames instead of igniting it.

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