Adey Optic Spectacle: spectacles product

Adey Optic Spectacle: spectacles product. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


ADEY OPTIC SPECTACLE is a spectacles product that can adjust the power and dazzled of the spectacle according to the wearer eyes condition. This product are combination of spectacles design and Artificial Intelligence (AI) system where it able the lens to read the eyes retina of the wearer and adjust the lens that is suitable for wearer eyes condition thus make them have more clearer vision. The objective of this product was to create a new product that combine the existing product with new technological feature. This product also want to give the new solution for people in choosing suitable spectacles according to their eyes conditions. The design and features of this product are significantly custom made so that this product can fully perform according this project intentions to accomplish it objectives. The unique features of this product is the adjustable lens that can adjust the lens power level by performing eyes retina reading by AI system. The aim of this proposal is to provide comprehensive information about how this organization is preparing and implementing strategies to put this product onto the market. These include the formation of the management staff, financial planning, marketing strategies and project milestones. In conclusion, this product is easily commercialized because it has a purchaser's own purpose and the technologies used in this product will offer a better alternative for people who have a poor eye vision problem.

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