Aqilaz Shoes Sdn Bhd: intelligence shoes

Aqilaz Shoes Sdn Bhd: intelligence shoes. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Our app is called 'Intelligence Shoes', which means multi-purpose smart shoes especially for people who often have foot aches and discomfort when walking or standing for too long, which is right for whom our application fits. Our product concept is about footwear that can relieve foot pain and discomfort. This product comes with 2 functions consisting of massage and cooling functions. Among the main material is a good acupressure site for the function. In addition, the product uses bluetooth technology and 'Aqilaz Shoes' mobile application which is connected to the shoe and adjusts the mode through the application. Using this product will make it easier for someone who wants to customize the function. Our target market is for people who love to go out and do activities that involve movement like travellers and workers. This is because if one feels pain and discomfort in the leg area, this product can provide relief to the pain the wearer is experiencing. It can indirectly solve problems encountered in emergency because not all places provide massage services or cooling feet. In addition, the use of the 'Aqilaz Shoes' application gives users the convenience and convenience to adjust their desired mode.

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