Dak Electronics Sdn Bhd: robotic vacuum cleaner (iVacBot)

Dak Electronics Sdn Bhd: robotic vacuum cleaner (iVacBot). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The culture that people are living nowadays care on technology more than labor work. This is due to the rise of technology to greater outcomes that flex to the future. The company, Dak Electronics Sdn Bhd is a type of electronics company that develops on technological appliances with outstanding features of technology since 2019. The product that become the standpoint for this time is the iVacBot which is an automated robotic vacuum cleaner none like any other available vacuum cleaner. Our business goals on to become top developers in the industry of electronics appliances with a touch of new technological changes to solve people’s problem in current technology and making advancements in the use of technology for a futuristic environment. Hence this product that have been developed and tested in many area’s is a must want item for home- owner’s around the world. This product has its feature of having to do 2 jobs in 1 where it can vacuum while mop the floor with its feature of mechanism that is able to perform the work. Also the product carries not only a touch screen application on the device, it can also start doing its work with the use of voice command by the owner to start and stop the device anytime. Because of the product and its amazing features, it is no doubt that the product being marketed can attract the public in owning the item and generate profit for our company to carry on doing more technological products.

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