Lotus Electronics: robotic vacuum cleaner (Futura)

Lotus Electronics: robotic vacuum cleaner (Futura). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


A family usually consists of a few members which are the father, mother and also the children. Nowadays, both of the mother and father are working from the morning until evening. They only have the night and the holidays to clean the messes in their house. We want to overcome this with the invention of Futura. Our company, Lotus Electronics offers Futura, a robotic vacuum cleaner that act as a tool for cleaning purposes. Futura will help people to clean the house or space provided efficiently as it is automatic. Our company will ensure that users will be satisfied and have a great experience using Futura. The price of Futura will be a reasonable and affordable so that more middle income people can buy this product and have it in their houses. We are using the most effective yet the cheapest technology so that the cost of the Futura is not too expensive for the potential buyers. We conducted a survey in Seremban to get opinions and suggestions from our potential customers where most of the survey are people that have a working family. From the survey we are able to identify the flaws and the features that will be added to fulfill the users’ needs and demands. As a growing company we hope that Futura will be a success and will be the first thing in mind when people think of robotic vacuum cleaner. With the slogan “The Future of Cleaning”, our company hopes that our robotic vacuum cleaner, Futura will help many people.

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