BooKoo Enterprise: spongy book

BooKoo Enterprise: spongy book. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Children are encouraged to read from an early age to improve their reading abilities, expand their learning of vocabulary and be able to read by themselves. Many parents know that different children learn in different ways. The problem arises when some children find it is hard to just read words from the ordinary storybooks. Hence, this may explain why animated books resulted in better comprehension than static books. Our main focus are to improve children’s way of learning and education and introduce augmented reality (AR) storybook market in Malaysia in order to attain Industry Revolution 4.0. BooKoo Enterprise consists of 4 members in the management team. General Manager is the leader of the company that distributes the tasks to the other managers. The other managers are marketing manager, operational manager, administrative manager and financial manager. Each of them has their owned duties and responsibilities to cope with in order to make the company run smoothly.

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