Sneakers King Sdn Bhd: intelligence shoes

Sneakers King Sdn Bhd: intelligence shoes. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Massage plays an important role to all people in this world. Massage can bring some relieve of pain and improve blood circulation to become more healthy to the people. There are some issues among old and young people in having feet pain problem. Although there are some products in the market like acupressure slipper or massage foot machine but it is still does not meet the consumer’s requirement. Hence, Sneakers King Sdn. Bhd. wants to introduce a new product which is “Intelligent Shoes”. Intelligent Shoes is lightweight, portable, durable and easy to wear it as it use high quality of material and technology in making this product. The target market for the Intelligent Shoes are all young and old people in Malacca. Customers who are in the middle level economy to the higher level economy are our potential buyers. We are also focus on the people who are always have tired feet while doing some works and at the same time they want some relaxation on their feet after a long day at work. Other than that, we are focusing on people in the age between 18-70 years old who are high heel-lover, long run or walk, excessive physical activities and wrong posture during some activities. Since Veerapen, Wigley, and Valkenburg (2007) stated that Malaysia have statistic that shows the percentage of people who are having feet pain is higher, the demand to want massage on their feet is highly expected. So, we grab this opportunity to sell this product to retailers and wholesalers.

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