Safe Journey Sdn Bhd: radiating road convex mirror

Safe Journey Sdn Bhd: radiating road convex mirror. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Road accidents at corners and blind turns in Malaysia are no more defined as shocking news as it happened from time to time no matter how much our era is filled with technology. It is proven that accidents at blind turns can be prevented if road convex mirror is fully utilized and road users limit their speed while turning their vehicle. Therefore, Safe Journey Sdn. Bhd. came with an idea of inventing a new form of road safety convex mirror filled with technologies and special features which are relevant in the current timeframe. The new product is called as Radiating Road Convex Mirror where it can radiate warning signal among road users when there are incoming vehicles from hidden or opposite road. The priority of developing Radiating Road Convex Mirror is to increase the awareness among road users then to reduce the road accidents especially at blind spots and corners. The warning signal is actually light color changing from green to red, displayed by LED Wi-Fi smart light bulbs located at the upper part of convex mirror. One that triggers the light bulbs to change color is wireless access point attached at the pole which receive radar signal from wireless vehicle detecting sensors embedded under the road. Technologies involved in this product development are Magnetometer, Wireless Sensor Network and SensorManager Software.

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