An analysis of the needs of elderly-friendly neighbourhood in Malaysia: perspectives of older and younger groups

An analysis of the needs of elderly-friendly neighbourhood in Malaysia: perspectives of older and younger groups. Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners, 18 (4). pp. 144-157. ISSN 1675-6215 (2020)


The increase of the elderly population in Malaysia can be one of the main challenges to planners, architects and policy makers. This indicates that provision of a suitable neighbourhood design for a population of different ages is necessary. The elderly group requires specific design standards in neighbourhood planning to ensure a comfortable, conducive and safe living environment. It is a known fact that health issues are part and parcel in elderly care. Having a proper neighbourhood design will likely contribute to an increase in health care services and safety of the elderly. This study analysed the people’s perspective on the needs of elderly-friendly neighbourhood in Malaysia and the elements that should be taken into consideration to fulfil the needs. This study aimed to observe the opinion of the elderly, as well as young people for future planning. Data were collected from the residents in the study areas which were Kajang and Sungai Chua. These study areas are located in Hulu Langat district, in which a high percentage of the elderly population was available. The respondents were chosen to participate in a survey in a form of questionnaire that was administered in the study areas. The questionnaire survey did not specifically focus only on older people, but also towards the young people. These young people will either become a caretaker of their elderly or an elderly in the future. Results of this study concluded that elderly-friendly neighbourhood was indeed important and the most suitable type of house for the elderly was single-storey. The elderlyfriendly neighbourhood should also be equipped with elements that prioritized the physical activity of the residents. This study provides insights in order to promote the elderly-friendly neighbourhood concept.

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