Rithra Industries: Rithra food waste recycler

Rithra Industries: Rithra food waste recycler. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Rithra Industries come out with an idea to produce a product that can solve food waste problem. Rithra food waste recycler is product that is modified from the existing food waste bin that is available in the current market. The idea of inventing this product came from the problem that always occurred worldwide. The objectives of this new product development are to invent new product that able to help customers handle their household food waste and also to turn food waste into organic/ready-to-use fertilizer just in 24 hours. This product follows new product development processes which is research and development, product design, concept testing, build prototype, test marketing and commercialization. For Rithra Industries Sdn. Bhd, there are 7 different group of target market. The first one is home gardener. Mostly, people will plant something when their house have some extra space or land on their house. The second target market group is middle-income customers. People or person who earn RM 4000 until RM 8000 are considered as middle-income person. Next, high-income customers are also will be the target market for Rithra Industries. High- income people are referring to people or person who has a salary of RM 8000 and above. Restaurants and hotel also involve as target market because both places produce a lot of food waste. Thus, both places need a machine that can handle their food waste. Apart from that, companies and universities also produce lot of food waste which is in their canteen. Lastly, target market for Rithra Industries is customers who has a food waste management problem.

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