WIT Technology: eye c u cctv

WIT Technology: eye c u cctv. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays, people are concerning about their safety because crimes are kept on increasing every day. Therefore, WIT Technology decided to provide an improved CCTV called EYE C U CCTV to the market in order to solve customer’s problems regarding the images and audio produced by the CCTV. This CCTV offers a high-resolution image and a highly sensitive audio with a better technology. Moreover, our target market will be based in Kuala Lumpur since the company is located in Kuala Lumpur. Thus, WIT Technology is targeting high-income workers and that would be 20% from the total population of working adults in Kuala Lumpur as their target customer. The differences between EYE C U CCTV to the other competitors are the product is user-friendly because it is easy to install and the design is compact and lightweight. The technology used which is Audio-Visual Technology and it is claimed to be the easy technology to understand so make it easier for the customers. The price also is affordable compared to the price of other CCTV. WIT Technology estimate the profit on the 2nd year to gain it by RM 2 000 000.00. The management team in WIT Technology consisted of the chief executive officer (CEO), administrator, marketing manager, financial manager, operational manager and the technician. WIT Technology hired hard working and experienced employee to ensure the business is running efficiently.

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