IDZ Fortis Sdn Bhd: the great camera vision (TGVision)

IDZ Fortis Sdn Bhd: the great camera vision (TGVision). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Basically, the features for The Great Camera Vision (TGVision) are not much different from other CCTV since mostly CCTV use the same component but the different of our product is we add a few more components to make it more versatile, easy to use and have more safety. In this case, the product is CCTV which is TGVision and this product will solve the problem that faced by the customer by upgrading the quality the picture during night, install the detection of sound and adding the rain resistance so that the customer can feel more safe at their premises. The Great Camera Vision (TGVision) is used to record the audio and images live at the specific place that it is been installed. It has the same function and features like the other CCTV. But in this CCTV, it has some improvement on the technology,function and features. This product need to be innovate for the next 4 years because the increase the year, the increase the usage of technology. So the world will get to know more technology by the year. For the next 4 years, the planning for this CCTV is to make this CCTV has another system that will connect with police station so if something happen, the owner will press the button that can alert police officer and the police officer will track the location from the CCTV. Other than that, other planning is want to change the features of CCTV become the CCTV that cannot broken by getting hit. It is because we tend to see that some people will broke the CCTV if they want to do a crime. Lastly, if this product get a positive response, IDZ Fortis Sdn Bhd planned to find other company to be a partner so that the next innovation will get another great ideas.

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