Nubibi Sdn Bhd: flame defence fire extinguisher

Nubibi Sdn Bhd: flame defence fire extinguisher. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays, the government had established a rule that each of the house must have fire extinguisher. Even though the government had established the priority on having the fire extinguisher since 2012, the society still is not aware of the importance of the fire extinguisher. One of the problems is they need to regularly maintain the fire extinguisher yearly. The cost of the fire extinguisher is also quite high. However, due to the limiting product which specific in this area of health lead us to find the solution. Therefore, the company has come up with the idea to ease the consumers to inspect the fire extinguisher. Nubibi Sdn Bhd has completely reinvented the current existing related product which is Flame Defence fire extinguisher that is more user friendly and self-inspection. The product no longer need to be service for every year since there is an alternative for the users to inspect the fire extinguisher by themselves. The product was also design to eliminate the complaints on the difficulty in use the fire extinguisher which is the problem on taking out the locking pin. The company change the locking pin to the new kind of locking system that use lock and unlock button. The Flame Defence fire extinguisher also has the holder lifter. The function of the holder lifter is to ease the old people and kids to lift up the fire extinguisher by two people or by using two hands. Last but not least, the Flame Defence fire extinguisher is equip with the glowing line that can ease the users to find the fire extinguisher in the dark place.

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