Malaysian experts keen to impart lessons on environmental diplomacy

Malaysian experts keen to impart lessons on environmental diplomacy. [Newspaper] (2021)


The importance of environmental diplomacy was underscored by Environment and Water Ministry Deputy Secretary-General Dr K. Nagulendran in a recent interview with the Global Environment Facility's newsletter. He listed three of Malaysia's most pressing environmental concerns:  First, as a fast-developing country, there is a need to balance development with sound environmental stewardship — a fragile balance in many developing countries. "As a megadiverse country," he said, "we need to conserve our natural heritage while promoting the wise use of it. "Malaysia is home to some of the most iconic, majestic species found on this planet, such as the Malayan tiger, the Malayan tapir, and the orangutan. About 18 per cent of our flora is endemic to Malaysia. Just like elsewhere, we are witnessing the numbers of these megafauna going down in the wild. This is a real concern. Because even an insect or microorganism in the forest plays a huge role in the functioning of our ecosystem."

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