KarSert Sdn Bhd: car seat

KarSert Sdn Bhd: car seat. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


KarSert is an innovation with advanced technology. The technology is sensors to alert parents of sudden changes around and with the car seat, and foldable for it to be carried easily for travel and storage. The product is made by high quality product. The product itself is unique with the technology and product criteria was explained in details. This company target on customers among parents, specifically with children age of 12 year old and below or newlywed couples. This is because the product is for the use of children from 4 to 7 years old. As of their income, the target is customers in household total income from RM3000 and above which is in middle class (M40) and upper class (T20). This is due to purchase power of one may have. The higher the purchasing power, the more freedom they have to buy products and services. Thus, product can be sold at faster rate. The rarity of product increases its value compared to the competitions KARSERT Sdn. Bhd has five key management roles to keep the business running smoothly. The five roles are general manager, administrative manager, marketing manager, operational manager and financial manager. All managers must have required skills to execute their duties and responsibilities well. In order to reduce work of managers, this company seeks professional advisors for business and financial consultations.

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