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Ultra-bag pack bag. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


For riders, bag pack is considered as one of important item for them because unlike car, motorcycle does not have enough compartment for storage. But that is not the only problem, where rider often felt that the design of back pack is not easy to access during riding. Apart from that, there are other two problems that riders often face. The first one is when sudden rain happen during their journey, and second one is the difficulty to access GPS from their phones. To overcome these problems, the invention of new type of bag pack called Ultra-Bag Pack was done. The concept is simple, it just a combination of storage compartment, rain coat, and phone holder that is combined together into a front bag pack. The major customers that have been targeting at are riders who are working adults, students and works in food delivery services. Market analysis have been done and the result obtained proved that the market size of the product will grow from year to year. The factors that may causes this growth are due to evolution in food delivery services, socio-economic trends and safety consent from the riders itself. Bases on the analysis that have been done on the competitors of the Ultra-Bag Pack, although they have variety of design most of them are not ride-friendly, most of the bag pack in market does not use waterproof material and does not have compartment for phone holder. Thus, additional features have been added to design of Ultra-Bag Pack such as waterproof material, foldable phone holder, easy to reach storage compartment, and instant rain coat so that it can compensate the shortfall from other products in market.

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