Neck pillow with sensors (Sense-NPillow)

Neck pillow with sensors (Sense-NPillow). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This company solely focused on the production of a product that will give benefits to the society. The product called ‘Sense-NPillow’ which is the neck pillow with sensors. This product is targeted to the customers who drive their regularly on their daily basis whether as an occupation or even transportation for them to go the workplace and back home. Most of them usually will feel tired due to lack of sleep and stress from work and they tend to feel sleepier while driving hence this production of Sense-NPillow that will detect their level of drowsiness and automatically warn them through bright light and gentle electric shock to keep them awake. The company consists of 4 main manager which are executive manager, marketing manager, operational manager and financial and lead by the CEO. This report focused on the commercialization of the product and the market analysis and strategies that the company will use to improve the selling and production of the product.

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