Retrieval - based learning in java programming and online application

Retrieval - based learning in java programming and online application. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC), 13 (SI): 7. pp. 25-38. ISSN 1823-4690 (2018)


The production of a computer program requires learners to be skilled in basic concepts of programming, to master mathematical formulas, appropriate syntax usage, and in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Typically, in forming a program, students should be able to identify problems, generate algorithms, and convert algorithms into program code according to the syntax. Therefore, a Java programming course requires a student to master cognitive thinking in which, students can recover knowledge by using 'retrieval-based learning' as a basic recollection strategy in learning programming languages. The retrieval-based learning method refers to the following five waves: mnemonic, semantic,episodic context account, map concept, and quiz. Through these five waves, students should be able to implement retrieval method such as producing their own practice questions, quizzes, scan cards, to rewrite learning, repainting of learning, and concept maps. Instructional materials should include formative (topical) assessment, emphasis on text and content requirements, use of openended questions (subjective), answers or feedback, repeating exercises, and student achievement estimation. The main contribution is to create a descriptive Java programming lesson, which includes the choice of difficult topics, learning activities, teaching and learning modules, and online learning. However, the initial purpose of this study is to determine the most difficult topics in Java programming, the retrieval based learning used by students, as well as online student learning modules among students in Diploma of Computer Science (Programming) in vocational colleges. The instrument used to collect the data is through an online questionnaire and the findings were analysed using SPSS software by giving the percentage value for each element studied. The sample of the study was 110 students in Diploma of Computer Science (Programming) from four vocational colleges in Malaysia. The findings from the preliminary study conducted by the researcher are presented in detail in this paper.

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