Innovation of Malaysian batik craft in arts: a reflection for vocational education

Innovation of Malaysian batik craft in arts: a reflection for vocational education. The Social Sciences, 11 (12). pp. 2983-2986. ISSN 1818-5800 (2016)


Batik is a unique cultural symbol for the Malay community. Innovation in the art of wax stamp on the cloth is Malay heritage has been documented and verified by western orientalises. The purpose of this study is first to analyze the efforts and innovations of batik art and development. Secondly, is to identify the necessary injections elements of science and technology and innovation to increase the potential of batik-making industry in the future. There are 49 industries involved in the study cohort. Research methods such as participating technique (participatory research) and observation was the main method of obtaining data. While the method of analysis of chronological time and old documents in the national archives are secondary methods in an effort to add complete analysis of the study. The results showed that there was an additional 45 percent of the effort that has been done to develop the batik industry development in Malaysia. The impact of this study is to recommend on the use of innovative computer-aided machine in printing batik. The future work should focus on how to use computer-aided machine in mass printing batik.

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