The Effects Of Organisational Factors And Extra-Organisational Factors On Work Stress

The Effects Of Organisational Factors And Extra-Organisational Factors On Work Stress. Journal of the Asian Academy of Applied Business (JAAAB), 2. pp. 25-40. ISSN 1675-9869 (2017)


Work stress has been considered as an important issue relating to workers’ day-to- day
activities at the work place. In any profession – doctors, teachers, police officers, lawyers
and executives – workers are facing enormous pressure from work demands, which
results in stress, and burn out. In this millennium, work stress can be considered as a
disease of the century. One shall not escape from stress. There are various factors that
contribute to work stress. These stem from both organisational and extra-organisational
contexts. The aim of this paper is to investigate the impact of both organisational and
extra-organisational factors on work stress among married female teachers. The study
found that the three organisational factors, namely, management and administration,
pupil recalcitrance and time demands were significantly correlated with work stress.
As for the extra-organisational factors, only the personal problems variable was found
significantly correlated with work stress. A number of studies on teacher stress have been
commissioned over the past decade by the major teaching unions.

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