An exploratory study of entrepreneurial motivation on informal entrepreneurs in Sabah

An exploratory study of entrepreneurial motivation on informal entrepreneurs in Sabah. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management Practices, 2 (7): 10. pp. 1-12. ISSN 2600-8750 (2019)


Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial which made it easier for anyone to formally register their business and operate in the formal sector, many entrepreneurs have opted to remain in the marginal area of conducting informal entrepreneurial activities without a specified product/service, actual premise, or a trading license. Hence, the researchers are interested to ask questions; what motivates a person to conduct informal entrepreneurial activities? Is it really based on “necessity driven” and/or “opportunity driven” factors as suggested by past studies? Or are there other driving forces tied to market conditions or cultural values that are unique to an area? To answer these questions a series of case studies were conducted to understand how personal motivation, characteristics and the conditions of the environment influence business decisions. In this paper, we share the findings from a single-case study of a homemade cake entrepreneur operating in the informal sector. Data was collected through in-depth interviews and participant-observation. Our findings revealed that, the entrepreneur was more influenced by the available entrepreneurial opportunities (pull factor) rather than the necessity (push factor) to do business. This study is significant as it reveals real-situational analysis from the entrepreneur’s perspective, rather than preconceived factors, which contributes to the understanding of entrepreneurial motivation.

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