Sustainable waste management activities among households in Kuala Lumpur

Sustainable waste management activities among households in Kuala Lumpur. ADING(Online)Journal forSocialSciences, 21 (01). (2018)


The involvement of households in the recycling activity in the last decades has been perceived as an
effective way to reduce the amount of solid wastes in the landfill areas as well as able to reuse the materials.
This study is embarked in order to identify the level of recycling intentions among households at P.P.R Sri
Pantai, Pantai Dalam. 125 households were employed a sample size and acted as respondents to answer the
questionnaires. In terms of sampling technique, the present study employs a non-probability sampling which is
convenient sampling techniques. The findings of this study found that the majority of the respondents scored
high Mean for all the independent variables in this study, except the perceived policy effectiveness variable. It
is hoped that this study will be able to supplement the information to the existing body of knowledge related to
this topic or for academic purposes. Hence, it will give a contribution to the current and future students who
learn about public administration. This study also attempts to contribute substantively to the empirical data
related to households recycling behavioral intentions

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Keywords: Recycling Intention,, solid waste managemen, Household, P.P.R Sri Pantai
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