M-Learning Application for Basic Computer Architecture

M-Learning Application for Basic Computer Architecture. International Conference on Innovation, Management and Technology Research (ICIMTR2012. (2012)


M-learning is a mobile technology in learning and
teaching which also another extension to the conventional
learning practice specifically e-learning. Mostly, accessing of
resources in e-learning is done through fixed nodes such as
notebook and desktop PC which generally are restricted either by
location, time or both. Through m-learning, accessing to learning
resources is independent of time and location. Therefore, this
study emphasizes on developing m-learning application for Basic
Computer Architecture for supporting teaching and learning
process. The application involves modules for notes, flash card
and quiz which enables user to learn fundamental topics of the
course by using mobile devices while offline. Prototype model is
used as the development methodology. This m-learning
application has been developed using JAVA programming
language specifically J2ME MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. Netbeans
IDE was used to design the interface. As a result, this prototype is
expected to be as an alternative learning material which enables
user to learn fundamental topics in Basic Computer Architecture
course included Basic Structure of Computer, Basic Processing
Unit, Arithmetic Unit, and Memory System.

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