LYFE Enterprise: handy COVID kit

LYFE Enterprise: handy COVID kit. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


LYFE Enterprise is a partner share business project company that has been operating in Malaysia since 2020. LYFE word stands for LIFE which means that LIFE is to fulfil our purpose of life and accomplish the goals. It also can be a symbol for strength and power as everyone has a purpose and the same goes with all of us. By that, we make it a little bit unique and creative by changing an ‘I’ alphabet with ‘Y’ alphabet to make it look modernist and contemporary. As we all know, ‘Y’ is also able to capitalize the same vowel sounds as the sound from ‘I’ in the modern English language. Because of pandemic COVID-19 disease has been prevalent or widespread over the world, we would have to drastically alter almost everything we do to prevent this pandemic disease such as how we live, workout, socialize and manage our wellbeing. Because of that, we finally came up with the idea to create and produce an easy-going hygiene kit to make it compact, simple and untroublesome for all of us. HANDY COVID kit is our business project which is a face mask cover with disinfectant spray and touch-free stick to stay hygiene and enforce the social distancing to slow down the virus spreading. Our business project starts around May 2020 which possesses five incredible managers in order to achieve our target and goals for this business project. There are five managers that are involved in this business which are chief executive officer (CEO) manager, administrative manager, operational manager, marketing manager and financial manager and have their own functions to build up our business growth to another stage over countries and nationwide. Nonetheless, these managers should work together as a team on shared goals and manage the commitment in exploring all the success-worse case scenarios on business projects. Next, our target market is unisex gender which mainly for schooling and workers in any field. It is because all the genders with any age need this hygiene kit in order to reduce the spreading of COVID-19 viruses over our environment, places and surfaces. Since our enterprise is registered as a new enterprise so that we have to engage in the market as so many people are involved in business nowadays. To sum up, we hope that LYFE Enterprise will be a well-known company and be part of the company that is needed in order to prevent this disease. And also, our pleasure for other people who are interested in business as their benchmarks to achieve their goals. Lastly, we believe that by practising the proper hygiene and social distancing help to decrease the number of COVID-19 cases in the world.

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