Incorporating visual and animation teaching tools in computer programming classes for effective teaching and learning

Incorporating visual and animation teaching tools in computer programming classes for effective teaching and learning. Masters thesis, Open University Malaysia. (2011)


The problems in teaching and learning programming techniques prevail all over the world. Learning programming logic without utilizing any visualization material is difficult. One possible solution to overcome this problem is by using program animation. The proposed program animation software used in teaching novices learning introductory programming is JELIOT 3. The aim of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of teaching programming classes for beginners using programming tool JELIOT 3 that incorporate visualization and animation, specifically the outcome of students’ performances before and after using JELIOT 3.
The study population is novice students with no significant programming experience. They were drawn from an on campus section of second semester Foundation in Business Information Technology introductory programming course at INTI International College, Subang Jaya. The class size when this study was conducted was only 9 students. The 9 students were divided into two groups at random. The first group (POST-JELIOT) received standard classroom lectures then followed by JELIOT 2. The second group (PRE-JELIOT) received the JELIOT 3 lesson and then the traditional classroom lecture. From the findings, there was a significant difference in performance when comparing between students who are first taught JELIOT 3 in the overall assessments on the two programming tests and on the two array model assessments. The implications then are that a visual teaching and animated illustration to programming is an
effective method for teaching programming. Instruction in computer programming must make use of such visualization to develop good mental visualization of programming.

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