The impact of tourism advertisement promotional videos on young adults

The impact of tourism advertisement promotional videos on young adults. Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 12 (3). pp. 1-16. ISSN 1823-884x (2017)


Tourism advertisement videos have been a good source of information today for tourists to select their holiday destinations. The short promotional videos enable the viewers to visualize, fantasize and dream about a holiday destination. It has been found that young tourists are more likely to travel to different destinations with different cultures, and most of them prefer audio-visual information sources like films, television or advertisement videos regarding the holiday destinations. By employing the AIDA model (hierarchy of effects model) proposed by Elmo Lewis, this research aims to investigate how tourism advertisement promotional videos influence the decision making of young tourists in choosing a holiday destination. This study will use email interviews as the research method to allow the respondents to express themselves more freely, as well as sharing their views in a more detailed manner according to their preferred or convenient time. Two latest and most popular tourism advertisement promotional videos from YouTube will be shown to the respondents at the beginning of the interviews in order to find out what attributes in the videos influence their decision making. This study also analyzes what other destination features (e.g. people, nature, religious places, landscape, leisure activity, season, architecture or heritage) can be included in the tourism advertisements to make them more influential in forming positive attitudes among young tourists.

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