Effect of neuromuscular training to prevent anterior cruciate ligament injury among female athletes

Effect of neuromuscular training to prevent anterior cruciate ligament injury among female athletes. Jurnal Sains Sukan & Pendidikan Jasmani, 7 (2). pp. 76-84. ISSN 2232-1918 (2018)


Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is more prone on female athletes compared to male athletes in non-contact mechanisms. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of four weeks neuromuscular training which closely associated with the dynamic balance and agility performance for preventing ACL injury among female athletes. There were sixteen female athletes from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) who are volleyball, basketball and futsal players participated in this study. The subjects were divided randomly into two groups; control group (CG) and experimental group (EG). The EG experienced four weeks of neuromuscular training while the CG performing their regular training. The pre-test and post-test were measured using Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) for dynamic balance and T-Test for agility. Statistical data were analyzed using independent sample t-test and the results demonstrated significant differences (p ≤ 0.05) for dynamic balance and agility between EG and CG. Therefore, this finding implied that neuromuscular training improved the female athletes in term of dynamic balance and agility which reduce the prevalence of ACL injury.

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Keywords: Anterior cruciate ligament, Neuromuscular training, Dynamic balance, Agility, Injury prevention, Training, Injury screening
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