Keropok Lekor Legend: keropok lekor

Keropok Lekor Legend: keropok lekor. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


In this executive summary, we want to say that we produce our own brand of food product, Keropok Lekor Legend which is originally from Terengganu. The ingredients we provide are starch flour, salt, monosodium gltumate (MSG), ice water and the most important ingredients in making our quality Keropok Lekor are fresh and fulfilled of fish fillets accompanied with a sweet taste and definitely our customers love it and would buy it more. Furthermore, Keropok Lekor is also one of the traditional foods of the State of Terengganu as well as food that must be bought as handicrafts if outsiders come to visit Terengganu. Keropok Lekor is also one of the foods that are always served during afternoon tea in Terengganu.How did the word "Keropok" come about? The story begins decades ago, when the fishermen got a lot of seafood, especially they catch a lot of fish that made many people by there and they create a new food. Keropok lekor also have no name and was named after the way they are made. In the early days of making Keropok Lekor, the villagers used fish fillets that had been mixed with a flour. When the two ingredients are mixed and kneaded, the dough is pounded and produces a "Kelopok" sound. Over time, the word "Keropok" was used and used as a name for this special dish. While the word "lekor" is produced after the fish mixture is ready, the mixture will be thickened to make it long and look like sausage. But in the old days, there were some who cracked the Keropok to make it long. These long Keropok when boiled will look like a coiled rope. The word "lekor" is from the word "circle". then there is Keropok Lekor

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