PowOw Sdn Bhd: nasi impit (brassicapow)

PowOw Sdn Bhd: nasi impit (brassicapow). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


PowOw Sdn Bhd will be introducing a new product to the customer which is a gluten-free “nasi impit”, known as Brassicapow. The target of our company is to create an alternative and healthier version of “nasi impit”. Brassicapow has its own uniqueness whereby it is made by cauliflower instead of using rice as the main ingredient. Besides, our company also uses the freeze-drying technology in order to produce cauliflower powder. Nowadays, many people are trying to get a healthy lifestyle which includes consuming healthier food. However, current “nasi impit” or rice cubes in the market are high in carbohydrates which could result in obesity. Therefore, other than gluten-free, Brassicapow promotes health benefits to the consumers since it is made from pure cauliflower that is low in carbohydrates, fats and sodium but rich in vitamin C and folate (Carruthers, 2018). Our product is also suitable for parents that are having children who are less likely to eat vegetables. As our product is made from cauliflower, this helps to add vegetables to their children’s daily meals. Although the taste of our rice cubes may be affected by the taste of cauliflower, it can be easily eliminated once it is dipped in an appropriate sauce such as sate peanut sauce, rendang or even serve in soups. Furthermore, we will be placing our product on general supermarket shelves. Besides, for our target group of customers that has high possibility to buy our products will be gluten allergic and people in keto diet, as the major target customer, parents as well as workers. Moreover, our product is convenient as it requires less preparation time which is between 10 to 15 minutes preparation. Hence, this helps to ease and reduce the time for people with a busy lifestyle. For the price of the product, it is not only affordable but also reasonable and our company’s target production for the second year will be RM 80000.00 Meanwhile, for the profitability of our company, it can be classified into three stages, including the invention stage, the growth stage and the maturity stage. In order to introduce our product to the target market during the invention stage, the price of Brassicapow is maintained low, but ensuring its high quality. At the growth stage, as more customers will be aware of our product in the market, the price of Brassicapow will be raised so that more profit will be gained. Nevertheless, the demand of our product may decline at the maturity stage due to consumers starting to realize the similarity of our product with the existing product in the market. Lastly, to make sure and maintain our company’s products’ quality, an efficient and effective management team have been implemented in PowOw Sdn Bhd. The management team in PowOw Sdn Bhd are divided into several units that were led by skilled and qualified employees.

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