Picante Paste (bird’s eye chili paste)

Picante Paste (bird’s eye chili paste). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


In the era of modernization, technological advancement has been widely expanding in various types of categories including the food production sector. This is because, with expanding development, people are much busier and have a tighter schedule. Thus, food preparation is not an essential trait anymore. Consumer’s require food that can be prepared as soon as possible. Complication in food preparation and finding of basic ingredients can be saved by using our company designed product known as Picante Paste. This paste is a bird’s eye chili paste designed to ease consumer’s daily cooking process. Overall marketing strategy will include specific marketing philosophy and strategy of the company, the value chain and the channel of distribution in the target market. As for our initial selling efforts, we have already determined our target group of customer that would buy our products. Our marketing target are busy people, homemakers, travellers and also unmarried people because these people have high tendencies of being busy most of the time. We designed this paste mainly to help these targeted consumer’s go through a better day in preparing their food from their previous days. Thus, by developing this product, we hope we can help ease these targeted consumer’s daily routine. The price of this product is also reasonable and affordable which is RM 34.46 for 200 g. The target production of our company for the following year is RM 300 000. The management team of our company are divided into several section and each of the section are led by experienced and profesional employee to ensure our company’s product quality and effeciency. The main staff members are lead by the chief executive officer, followed by the chief finance officer, human resource and administration manager, marketing manager, operation manager and quality control and assurance manager.

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