Frosty Babes Enterprise: ice cream (iceooze)

Frosty Babes Enterprise: ice cream (iceooze). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Frosty Babes Enterprise is a company in Malaysia that has developed a slow melting ice cream, named ICEOOZE. Ice cream is a flavoured frozen food commonly served as a dessert or snack especially on sunny days as consumers demand comfort from sweet and cold delicacies. It is mainly available at convenience stores such as Family Mart, 7-Eleven and MyNews, grocery retailers, ice cream franchises and hypermarkets such as Aeon and Pacific with various types of ice cream. Ice cream is also known as one of the happiness and stress relieving food products for all generations. However, ice cream begins to melt under the scorching sun if it is not eaten fast. Therefore, this slow melting ice cream can give time for people to enjoy their ice cream and small happiness for longer. ICEOOZE maintains its original shape for a longer time compared to others ice cream in the market or no matter how slowly it is eaten. Parents also do not need to keep their eyes on their children while they are eating the ice cream. A magic of ICEOOZE is using banana residue, the rachis of fruit bunches. The usage of food waste from bananas is a method to reduce the percentage of food waste in Malaysia and globally as the food waste’s rate increased yearly. The banana’s rachis is found to contain cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs) that help in stabilizing the ice cream melting properties. In producing ICEOOZE, an extraction of CNFs from banana rachis is incorporated. With the technology of CNFs, the source is from a natural product which will make customers feel safe from chemical food additives. Overall marketing strategy will include specific marketing philosophy and strategy of the company, the value chain and the channel of distribution in the target market. Firstly, our target market will be focusing on people who love ice cream, especially children and youngsters. This will be categorized under household members as ICEOOZE tub packaging is used to share the happiness. ICEOOZE price is reasonable and affordable which can be got at RM 9.50 per tub/500 g. The target production of our company for the second year is RM 900 000. The management team of Frosty Babes Enterprise is divided into several sections and each of the sections were led by experienced and professional employees to ensure our company’s product quality and efficiency.

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