Smart Tech Sdn Bhd: Meat Smart Sensor (MSS) packaging

Smart Tech Sdn Bhd: Meat Smart Sensor (MSS) packaging. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Food safety is a central factor affecting public health and the well-being of society. A potential way to manage food-borne illness is by real-time monitoring of food safety in the food supply chain. Fortunately, with the advent of emerging technology and a lot of non-linear thought, innovators are discovering new ways to adapt to both customer trends and the health of the earth. The need for safe and high quality foods, as well as shifts in customer preferences, has recently led to the development of innovative and novel approaches in the field of food packaging technology. The development of new technologies, such as active and smart packaging, has been significantly accelerated in recent years, with an emphasis on educating consumers about food quality. Advances in the field of sensors and biosensors have allowed the innovation of new materials, devices and multi-functional sensing systems to track food quality (Yousefi et al., 2019). Intelligent packaging innovations are increasingly gaining popularity in the agricultural and food industries. Intelligent packaging for agricultural and food products has a great potential to enhance the shelf life and protection of agricultural and food products, apart from the essential functions of keeping products clean and protecting against unnecessary physical and chemical changes (Meng et al., 2014). In this project, we concentrate on in-depth the overview of recent technical developments that have the potential to be integrated into food packaging in order to ensure food quality, protection and the monitoring spoilage of the meat product. These advanced sensing systems typically target the monitoring of gas production, pH and growth of microorganisms in packaged foods. Innovation of Meat smart sensor (MSS) packaging in Malaysia focusing on packaging of meat products as meat is one of the most perishable foods in the food industry. The packaging sensor alerts consumers by gas sensor when meat is about to go off to maintain safety and freshness of the meat, and can educate society to practice not to simply throw up due to uncertainty of the condition of the meat product. This packaging also assists the consumer to implement a healthy lifestyle through four (4) partitions in the packaging of meat in exact calorie intake.

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