Ensoleillement Company: pharmaceutical and healthcare product (organic sunscreen)

Ensoleillement Company: pharmaceutical and healthcare product (organic sunscreen). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Ensoleillement is a company that manufacture organic product which is sunscreen. Our company is located at P13, 4th floor, Palm Square, Centre Point, 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Our company expect to be the premier sunscreen manufacturer focusing on creating the highest performing products and doing everything possible to keep them as natural as possible. Ensoleillement aims to build shareholder value by delivering pharmaceutical and healthcare product, services and solutions in innovative and cost effective ways. Ensoleillement get the idea of creating this product since that this kind of product have high demand from customers. There are many sunscreen products in the market, however, what makes our product different from the other is our sunscreen are 100% chemical-free and it can be used for people of any ages including children. There are people who still does not aware about how important it is to have a healthier life by using organic product. So, Ensoleillement aims to keep promoting this organic sunscreen and launch awareness campaign to spread the awareness among people in this country, Malaysia. People across Malaysia have decided to use our product since that it has affordable price, attracting packages and halal ingredients. Most of the users of our sunscreen are athletes and people who have skin problem where their skin are sensitive to chemical products. Ensoleillement has received a lot of positive feedbacks from the users. This has shown that Ensoleillement has the calibre to be one of the most successful manufacturer of organic product. Currently, Ensoleillement are working on expanding our business and also introducing and exporting our sunscreen to other Asian countries. We, Ensoleillement, saw the opportunity that this business has the potential of success provided that it is handled efficiently. People have always seek and needed to use organic sunscreen, as not everyone can suit with chemical product, and not everyone can afford to buy expensive organic products. Ensoleillement sees this as a way to prosper in this market, by taking advantage of all these people's need.

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