House of Vegan: food products from fresh vegetables

House of Vegan: food products from fresh vegetables. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


We are making vegan food products from fresh vegetables that has been inspect thoroughly and process until it become ready-to-eat meals to start our business. We are choosing to produce these products because; people nowadays especially Malaysians tend to eat unhealthy diets that lead to serious health concern. There are no doubts that fresh vegetables can bring lots of benefits to human health as well as improve healthy lifestyle in their diets. We provide and serve ready-to-eat food at our café and also produce our own instant vegan food products. There are different in terms of price of our products because we have variety of products. For 200g powdered smoothie, the price is RM9.90, for the 300ml tom yum is RM5.00. As for the chickpea burger, the price is RM17.99 and for the vegan salad is RM 5.00. The prices are considered as affordable as we use high grade of materials as well as the fresh vegetables. We are being considered as we decided the price to make sure people can enjoy our products and helps to promote their healthy lifestyle. We believed that our products can grab people‟s heart and attention as to make sure we can have a healthy competition in this business thus will help to improve our products to be better. This business venture will start its operation on 1st September 2019. In this company, we just need four people which are ourselves to fill in the roles of the positions. The positions include CEO, administration manager, marketing manager, operation manager, financial manager and staffs. We are confident and believe that we can handle everything in the company with success as we already knew each other for a long time including everyone‟s strength and potential. We choose Negeri sembilan to open our cafe which is located at Lot 133, Pusat Dagangan, Jalan S2, B21, Seremban 2, 70300, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. This location is considered strategic because it is near with housing and has many amenities. We have many competitors around us which are Seremban Vegetarian & Organic Food Supply, Shan Kafe Vegetarian, Veggiebro Cafe, Moy Hua Bakery, and The Muffin House. All of them have their own strength and weakness. For example Seremban Vegetarian and Organic Food Supply, they have a great services to their customer that come to their premises but the food supply from their premises are not ready to eat food variety. Shan Kafe Vegetarian is hygienic cafe but it not recommended for Muslim, while Veggiebro cafe have excellent taste of their food but the price of their product too expensive. Meanwhile Moy Hua Bakery they have reasonable price but not recommended for Muslim. Lastly, The Muffin House their strength is they have nice surrounding while their weakness is poor customer service to their customer.

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