SimFun: pen scanner with highlighter

SimFun: pen scanner with highlighter. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


SimFun is the name of our business that we do based on our innovation and our first product. SimFun is a pen scanner that comes with highlighter which is specially designed for students of universities which could make their study become easier and effective where they could easily take notes from the books or state platform without taking too much time. SimFun is created to make our study fast and effective. When the SimFun are fully charged, it could scan a lot of words in just a minute. The tips of the scanner must face the words that we wanted to scan and slowly move from word to word to get the better notes in the device that was connected. For the fadable highlighter at the opposite of the pen, it consists of 3 colours that made of a special ink. The colours are very light and will be invisible after 3 months. However, the ink will last up to 6 months until it is out of ink. Our target market is mainly students, lecturers and teachers and also office workers. This product is easily reached and receptive because we sell this product online and also wholesale through manufacturers represented. Our innovation product offers a technology which helps those students especially in their studies. Instead of having many issues in making and writing notes, SimFun helps to solve out the issue with consisting a scanner that can transfer notes quickly to preferable devices. Our technology that have been mentioned above can be our competitive advantages as we do thorough case studies, survey of market demand, and distribution of questionnaire to get prediction of market share. As for the competitors of our product, they are Fujitsu, Canon and Epson. All of the advantages of competitors are provided in SimFun but it is upgraded with better version. Our company has built an organization that includes General Manager, Administration Executive, Marketing Executive, Operation Manager and Financial Manager. Each of them plays a different role and responsibility. This management team is functioning in controlling and expensing our product.

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