ZAZA Sdn Bhd: self-executing rice cooker

ZAZA Sdn Bhd: self-executing rice cooker. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The ZAZA Sdn. Bhd. company created an innovation towards our common rice cooker by producing self-executing rice cooker (SERC) that will help to solve the problem of cooking rice. Besides, it is suitable for housewives to ease their chores and for restaurant that always full with customers. This product equipped with a variety of facilities such as 2x faster technology besides self-wash and self-measure level amount of water and temperature concept that allow this product to work on their own without getting any help from human. SERC also equipped with filters to filter the rice from any dirt during washing the rice. The cleaning process will be easier due to the non-stick pot that equipped together inside the product and suitable for those who concern with cleanliness. This product will be marketed to housewives, working peoples, single man or women and owner restaurant since it can help them to cook easily without facing any problems and the market size is about RM 2.78018 billion where the major target market is outside labour force with 7.35 million persons and employment with 14.93 million persons. Based on all the competitors, other brands such as Butterfly that also has 4-speed level cooked but it is not multi-function as SERC where it also can be used as steam and boil so that it can save money from buying different kind of electronics to cook different methods. Other than that, product Tefal also one of the competitors that sold rice cooker but without any beneficial features such as short cooking time as can be found on SERC. Tefal is quite pricey and it took a longer time to cook and it will waste the customer’s time. The price of SERC also affordable which is RM170.90 that complete with others features and multi-function compared to others brand that have a higher price with a less beneficial features. Market share for SERC in 3 years is predicted to be higher due to the acceptance of product by the customers that are also higher so that the sales forecast for the next 3 years will be increased by time to time. All the staffs and management teams are hired to play their roles and responsibilities to make the management more efficient where the general manager plays important roles to lead and carry the company towards a successful business.

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