Morphological and compositional changes exhibited by rice husk when subjected to synergistic thermochemical treatments

Morphological and compositional changes exhibited by rice husk when subjected to synergistic thermochemical treatments. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 16 (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2636-9346


Introduction: Rice husk has portrayed great potential in becoming a sustainable biomass source in producing silica,
cellulose and carbon materials, which garnered widespread interest among researchers. The objective of the current
study is to determine the morphological and compositional changes in rice husk due to the synergistic effects of thermochemical treatment.

Methods: Washed and dried rice husk was blended into a fine powder and then subjected to
step-wise heat treatment and acid digestion to produce white ash. The intermittent products, as well as the original
rice husk and the final ash product, were characterised using analytical instruments to document the morphological and chemical composition changes.

Results: This report highlights the production of pure rice husk ash using a
step-wise treatment using a combination of thermochemical treatment and carbonisation. The results showed that
a partial breakdown of the lignocellulose components was achieved using directed thermal treatment at low temperature. The ionic impurities were leached out in subsequent heated acid treatment. Thereafter, the carbonaceous
organic matter was completely converted to carbon during the carbonisation of the sample and the remaining carbon
residue was removed during calcination. High purity ash contained agglomerated and nanostructured silica in the
dimensions of 20 to 50 nm in the amorphous form.

Conclusion: The step-wise treatment allowed systematic removal
of each compound while maintaining the amorphous mineral phase of silica and avoiding carbon fixation. Understanding the effect of each treatment offers insight to produce purer silica from rice husk.

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