Library Cafe: librarian concept

Library Cafe: librarian concept. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Library Cafe is a partnership business. We choose Library Cafe as a name in our company business because we are providing our services in librarian concept. We provide delicious foods and services to fulfil the customer satisfaction. Our target is student and non-student, but we are focusing more to a student. Therefore, having our helpful services will help the students to satisfy the needs in their studies. Our business will be located at Lorong Plaza Utama 3, Alamesra, and Kota Kinabalu Sabah. From our observation the location that we choose is one of the places near with the education institutions. Since our cafe with the concept of library with an innovation and convenient services that we provide especially for the students will help them to fulfil their needs. In terms of the problems that the students facing today, study at cafe culture has increase among students. However, the condition is not suitable and comfortable for students. Therefore, having our Library Cafe will help them to overcome their problems. We estimate our future in this business, hopefully in 10 years our services will growth blooming and also our Library Cafe will develop into bigger space for our students to come plus other extra customers there we will provide mini hostel for students that studies late night to rest. We will put another branch to explore our genius concept to other place and great food then soon turning our business into a franchises business in the future.

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