Patterns of visual field defects in Malay population with myopic eyes

Patterns of visual field defects in Malay population with myopic eyes. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 16 (SUPP1). pp. 101-105. ISSN 2636-9346 (2020)


Introduction: Myopia is an emerging vision problem that causes public health and economic burden worldwide and associated with increased risk to many ocular conditions leading to blindness. This study aimed to evaluate patterns of visual field defects in Malay population with myopia.

Methods: A retrospective study was conducted between January 2018 until June 2018 at MSU Eye Centre and data was obtained from patient records of Malay subjects with myopia and free from any ocular and systemic diseases. The spherical equivalent (SE) of the refractive errors and the global indices (mean deviation, MD and pattern of standard deviation, PSD) of OCULUS Twinfield® 2 with SPARK strategy were recorded for this study.

Results: A total of 90 eyes with the mean age of 29.16 (SD: 10.27) years old and SE (M= -2.92 D, SD:2.94 D) were selected. The mean of MD was -1.71 dB (SD 3.95 dB) and PSD was 1.81 dB (SD:1.82 dB) respectively. Significant differences was found in MD (p=0.012) and PSD (p=0.01) between the three groups. The localised field defect was observed in the moderate to high myopic eyes in all quadrants (p=0.01) for PP2, and also more prevalent pattern found in all quadrants for PP1 except at superior quadrant (p=0.08).

Conclusions: There is a localised visual field defect found in a higher degree of myopia particularly at temporal, nasal and inferior quadrants. Thus, the visual field test is recommended as a routine procedure in moderate to high myopic eyes and need to be interpreted with caution.

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