Effectiveness of Modified Cardiac Rehabilitation Education Program (CREP) Among Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient in Teaching Hospital

Effectiveness of Modified Cardiac Rehabilitation Education Program (CREP) Among Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient in Teaching Hospital. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 17 (SUPP3). pp. 191-199. ISSN 2636-9346 (2021)


Introduction: :In Malaysia, the mortality rates of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remain high. Besides medical and pharmacological interventions, the cardiac rehabilitation education program (CREP) is another practical intervention introduced to all CVD patients. An important component of CREP is delivering knowledge and awareness to CVD patients to prevent recurrent heart attack events.

Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness of a modified CREP given to patients who have undergone percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Methods: A quasi-experimental design was used to determine the effects of an intervention. A purposive sample of 60 patients diagnosed with CVD hospitalized and received the PCI procedure at the Cardiac unit/ward, PPPUiTM, Sungai Buloh has been selected. Patients were assigned to two study arms to the intervention group (IG) (n=30) and control group (CG) (n=30). The heart disease knowledge questionnaire, patient motivation inventory, and modified myocardial infarction health behaviours questionnaire were used to measure the effectiveness of modified CREP. The independent and paired-t tests were used to test the effects of the modified CREP between IG and CG.

Results: Patients in the IG had a greater score than patients in the CG on the level of heart disease knowledge after post intervention: IG (mean=20.37, SD=2.54); CG (mean=16.43, SD=3.24). There was a statistically significant difference between the groups in the level of self-motivation after post intervention, IG (mean=13.47, SD=0.62); CG (mean=12.33, SD=1.91), p=0.00. The health behaviour changes score in the IG (mean=111.37, SD=7.20) was higher than those of the CG after post intervention (mean=106.77, SD=8.41).

Conclusion: The modified CREP can effectively increase the level of heart disease knowledge, self-motivation, and health behaviour changes among CR patients.

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