The Challenge of Amil in Kedah State Zakat Board in Industrial Revolution 4.0

The Challenge of Amil in Kedah State Zakat Board in Industrial Revolution 4.0. Journal of Contemporary Islamic Law, 5 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 0127-788X (2020)


There are eight asnaf that have been dictated in the Quran who are qualified to receive zakat distribution and this includes the amil. According to al-Qardhawi, amil plays a very important role in the activities of collecting, calculating, keeping, managing, planning, preserving and distributing zakat properties to those qualified. In facing industral revolution 4.0 involving Internet Of Things (IOT) or the internet of materialism in almost all aspects of life, surely the amil has even greater challenges in empowering the zakat institution. Different from the first industrial revolution that concentrates on the use of gas-powered machine, the second industrial revolution that focuses on electricity and the third industrial revolution that leans more on the use of information technology (IT), the task shouldered by an amil especially in terms of collection and distribution will surely require them to move productively in line with the development of smart technology. Nonetheless, there is a question of whether the amils assigned in zakat institutions especially in Kedah State Zakat Board or Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah (LZNK) are ready for the surge of change brought upon by this revolution. Based on this issue, this study aims to identify what are the challenges faced by LZNK in the management of distribution and collection of zakat. Next, this study also proposes the steps that can be taken by LZNK in empowering the roles of amil so that it will be seen to fulfil the demands of the current trend of zakat management. This study is a qualitative study. Data are gathered through the document analysis and non-structured interview. The study outcome finds that there are several challenges that need to be faced by LZNK in industrial revolution 4.0 among which, are the knowledge in financial technology (Fintech), access to the social media, also the viral symptoms among the people in the society. Next, several suggestions are given to empower the role of the amil so that the zakat institution is seen as relevant to the current needs and so that it will give a great benefot to Muslims.

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