Application of the Method of Changing the Rulings Due to Changes in Time in Siyasah Syariyyah

Application of the Method of Changing the Rulings Due to Changes in Time in Siyasah Syariyyah. Journal of Contemporary Islamic Law, 6 (1). pp. 53-61. ISSN 0127-788X (2021)


Often the change of a ruling in a political ijtihad is disputed by some groups of people. This is due to their ignorance of one method which is “There is no denying the change of rulings according to the change of time. In general, Islamic rulings consist of two parts, which remain unchanged forever and also non-permanent, subject to the change according to the times. Therefore, this study is conducted to see to what extent the method of changing the rules with the change of time can be applied in the current Siyasah Syariyyah approach. This study is qualitative in which the researcher will collect information from turath and contemporary books, scholarly studies, current fatwas related to the method of ruling change due to the change of time and Siyasah Syariyyah. All this information will be analyzed and digested to get real overview related to the application of this method in current islamic political situations. The
result of this study shows that this method is very important to be applied in the aspect of Siyasah Syariyyah by the
government in dealing with the people who often dispute a policy that is perceived to contradict with Islamic rulings,
while the changes in Islamic ruling according to the changes of time are not contradict at all with Syariah.

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