International Market Selection Model Using Newly Developed Geometric International Market Selection Space

International Market Selection Model Using Newly Developed Geometric International Market Selection Space. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 53 (2). pp. 245-268. ISSN 2716 – 6058 (2019)


International Market Selection (IMS) is literally a process in identifying and selecting feasible international market
opportunities for exporting. It is a methodological process whereby suitable variables are vetted through a model in
order to produce output in the form of processed information that would help export marketers in decision-making.
The new IMS model, introduced as Geometric International Market Selection Space (GIMSS), rooted from the Trade
Intensity Index (TI) Index and Geometric Trade Intensity Space Box (GTISB) is proposed as a complimentary tool to
be used by international marketers. The constructed GIMSS model utilises both trade elements (exports and imports)
with no fltering and weighting processes, employs changes within changes measurement, embeds quality perspective
measurement as alternative game changer in identifying International Export Opportunities (IEO), and able to do
future projection of IEO. In addition, even though this GIMSS model does not have weighting scheme, it can still
perform trade-off process between volume and quality elements. The GIMSS is capable of identifying and categorising
the host country market potential into low, intermediate or high market potential at product level. With that policy
maker would be able to employ this information conjointly with competitive index of exporting country and make
assessment in the perspective of cross checking between host country market potential levels with exporting country
competitive advantage status.

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