Candlish Enterprise: scented candles

Candlish Enterprise: scented candles. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Candle industry is a good opportunity to get started as people buy candles for a plethora of purposes. Candlish Enterprise offers scented candles that create quality fragrance and aesthetic attraction at affordable rates. This candle is going to be the most perfect candle, be it as a candle gift, home decoration or aromatherapy. This business is run with the owner's donation of RM250,000. Candlish Enterprise is situated next to Shah Alam with the address of Candlish Enterprise at The Hub, 32 Jalan SS2/72, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, with the motto "Tense, Nervous,Candlish ". Candlish Enterprise is a business in Malaysia dedicated to the selling of fragrance goods. The distinction of the brand is that this product is made with a variety of scents, such as the fragrance of flower and the smell of going on the beach. As users enjoy their goods. In order to make their day-to-day jobs more effective, this product has a chance to become a marketable product. In addition, the commodity is very useful for Candlish Enterprise and Candlish Enterprise is very optimistic that the market can be quickly developed and expanded through Malaysia. A SWOT review shall be carried out to assess the strategic advantages for the purpose of evaluate the feasibility of this undertaking. A rival review is then applied to the formal evaluation of all internal and external factors. Then, make an operation plan to make the whole process clear. It starts with the marketing activities of Candlish Enterprise to the distribution of candles to evaluate and consider the feasibility of the enterprise and then determine the financial plan includes revenue forecasts, estimated profit and loss statements, and business break-even points. Candlish Industry expects that the company will fulfil the immense demand of the company with a loan from Maybank Berhad to support the company's side asset. The company is scheduled to launch in 2023 and the goal of this company is to become the most desired customer by offering outstanding service and also by continuing to improve and making its people proud to work with the company in a competitive market. This can be done with the cooperation and complete dedication of the workers to support the organisation.

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