The CORRED: coffee

The CORRED: coffee. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


THE CORRED is a coffee business that intends to be based in Siliau, Negeri Sembilan. The purpose in establishing this business is to produce and sell quality and delicious food and drinks during this hard time for people to go through with their day-to-day work and school for students that are having a hard time. This business is inspired by the way people nowadays are always rushing to get their work done so we provide them a place to relax and be calm so that they will not break down from whatever challenges they face and since specialty is coffee what is not to like with a warm beverage and with a hint of sweetness for the body and brain. Furthermore, during this pandemic covid-19 there will not be any gathering since the customers come and go with the item they buy and off to their duty. Our Vision is to be the top leading company in Malaysia in the coffee industry that produces one of a kind and well-maintained quality one. Our mission is to create an essence of high-quality and luxury goods that will depend on time and time again through the distribution of high-quality consumer coffee shoppers. As a premium producer of premium goods with the highest quality organic ingredients, we will approach the market. In our product categories, our credibility would be unmatched. With other industry brand leaders, we will put
ourselves head-to-head while retaining a degree of perceived smallness to satisfy customer’s demand. As a coffee business, our duty is to have the best commodity on the market that can help all individuals, around the market area. Through good plans, we will also strengthen all our shortcomings and make our business better in the present and in the future. We must therefore display a strong organizational culture and vigilant with the practices and actions of all organizations to build consumer interest.

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