HAFFIYAH Snack Enterprise: vegetables snacks

HAFFIYAH Snack Enterprise: vegetables snacks. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Business plan is a guideline that we use in our management of the business so that we could proceed our product smoothly. With the help of the business plan, it can distribute a lot more resources beneficially. Nevertheless, the business plan also offers the entrepreneur a personal profile so it can be used as proof to customers that the entrepreneur's significant commitments are effective in this business concept. Prior to beginning a venture, business planning is very critical in helping to drive this organization. HAFFIYAH snack enterprise is a private limited company that the focus of the company is producing snacks using local vegetables such as bitter gourd. This company is run by six sole proprietors which are general manager, operations manager, administration manager, resources manager, marketing manager and financial manager so that to ensure the management of the company could be run steadily and smoothly. As this company is run by six sole proprietors, each manager did their research of the demand that the people want in this type of product. some of the research included the target market in terms of location and customer segmentation. There are two types of local market approaches that our company uses to promote the product to the people which are face-to-face business and social media platforms to follow up with the trend nowadays. Nowadays, people have been using social media platforms to expand their products throughout the whole country in Malaysia. In our business, not only throughout Malaysia but also outside Malaysia. To make it easier for the customers to choose our product and encourage them that our product is better in any way, we made a comparison with other product so that the customers could see the differences and we could gain the customers trust and attract them in buying and consuming our products thus at the same time promote it to other people. As for the financial plan, the total cost that we use in our product to make sure our company could run steadily is RM57,345. Our business main sources are from bank loans and our own capital that each of the managers had provided in this business. We believe that with a stable planning and good strategy in the financial part, we could find a lot more sources of finance and evolve our business to a bigger stage in business after we manage to stabilize our sales of products in Malaysia.

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