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Apam Balik Yihaa Sdn Bhd: apam balik. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


One good reason to start a company is that it will help to get the money in the world that can be used to do goods. We live on a globe full of problems, and sometimes those problems are exacerbated by a lack of resources. A good company would place us in a location to do something about that. It is very functional to make a business plan since it first directs the activities of the organisation and outlines a strategy for turning an idea into reality. Second, it helps convince the company to be funded by lenders and investors. Third, in the event that an idea is simply not realistic, it will include a reality check. APAM BALIK YIHAA SDN. BHD. selling these types of product because it is now becoming more difficult to find this kind of 'kueh.' And of course, our goals in producing this apam balik, without leaving their initial flavour, we even franchised their flavour. By upgrading to a new flavour, compared to other stores, we will encourage more clients to come visit and buy from us. In order to try a new flavour to establish a trend, people are more desirable nowadays. It's also easy to draw consumers from any kind of group with a regular price range. The marketing strategy of APAM BALIK YIHAA SDN. BHD. is to provide a range of goods with outstanding, excellent, and high quality, guaranteed to comply with Halal and Shariah. Our consumer protection and wellbeing are genuinely preferred. Not only can our commodity be consumed by Muslim consumers, but it can also be consumed by non-Muslim consumers, as it is healthy for consumption by all. Compared to other stores that have franchised their flavour and developed their methods, we also use quality ingredients for every apam balik sold without having a big impact on the price. With the affordable price, customers with up to 2 people per serving can also enjoy the 'kueh'.

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