Sweetener Delights Co.: recombinant dessert

Sweetener Delights Co.: recombinant dessert. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This business plan outlines initial step as a module prior to beginning on starting up a business. Sweetener Delights Co. is a partnership business where it focuses on selling recombinant dessert that is in demand and competitively priced. There is currently no other company that produces the features we have created for this type of dessert. Development of Sweetener Delights Co. begin in March 2019 and it is registered under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) in November 2019 and will be commenced in January 2020. It was developed to deliver a great pleasure, an extraordinary joy, and an unquestionable feeling when the main chomp of our treats goes into consumers’ mouth specifically for those who crave for sugary food. With the exponential growth in demand, the product offers tremendous advantages to professional general manager, as well as the other employees assigned to manage the business smoothly on daily basis. Since the price range of the recombinant dessert is quite higher than desserts at other cafes, the potential target market of Sweetener Delights Co. is very promising because as we offer the consumers a combination of variety and unique flavors and fillings in our desserts using just only premium ingredients. According to the geographic segmentation, our business based in the city centre, which means it is easy to access anywhere in the city and customers will be able to quickly find us. Meanwhile, for psychographic segmentation, our market relies on people's lifestyles especially for the consumer who likes desserts that are rare and aesthetically looking on daily basis, as well as special occasions like wedding ceremony and birthday celebration. Additionally, demographic segmentation makes customer revenue is our target market, consisting of middle-range and high-range revenue. This is because we offer exquisite taste and fresh sweets that individuals seldomly recognize. Products from Sweetener Delights Co. will be packaged and sold in retail markets which is located at Petaling Jaya. Apart from that, social media that has a huge traffic such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook will be used to market the products because majority of the Malaysian use social media to engage with outside world. To illustrate, possible customer can take a look and survey our products without going to our physical shop. Furthermore, we use competition-based pricing strategy in setting up the price for the products to make it acceptable, maintain the market and retain the profits.

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