3P Organization: livestock

3P Organization: livestock. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This business is registered as ‘3P Organization’. 3P mean ‘Penternakan, Perladangan and Pembekalan’. Livestock can lead to other areas such as the fresh meat business. This is because from farming we can supply fresh meat to buyers. We chose the field of livestock because this field has a wide market as well as high and continuous demand for a long time. This is because meat is the staple food of the people in this country. This demand will increase especially During the festive season. In addition, the country has a large multi-racial population and each race has its own festival. During the festive seasons, demand is so high that there is a shortage of supplies and the government has to import most of these materials from neighboring countries. This will result in the price of the goods being high due to the increased cost of importing it. Despite the high competition, businesses in this field can still offer huge profits due to the high daily demand of buyers. Buyers' doubts about the source and method of slaughter are among the problems that arise. This can be solved by increasing the number of suppliers and breeders among bumiputera Muslims. So buyers will be more confident to buy our local products. Business plan used as a guidelines to manage our company‟s structure. The company will be more systematic if we follow the guideline that has been planned. With this we could prevent from making mistake that could affect the company‟s name in the future. Business plan basically consist of company‟s goal and how to achieve our goal without any overlapping. With this, we could maintain our business in the right path so there is no obstacle that could affect the product and service we offer to the community. Next, we could plan our business journey for a long run. With this, we could make backup plan of the error that could occur. Forward thinking lead us to think about the vision and plan that we construct in order for us to make our company more success and well known in 5 to 10 years ahead.

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